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Thread: Ephedrine Sulfate vs. Ephedrine HCL

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    Default Ephedrine Sulfate vs. Ephedrine HCL

    Can anyone explain the difference between these two if they are being looked at for energy/fat loss in conjunction with cold relief? I have Brokaid at home which is Ephedrine Sulfate and I have some old Ephedrine HCL. Wondering which one might be better for pre-workout and general energy support while dealing with sinus issues.

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    Good question!
    I use the Bronkaid because that's what I have available to me.
    Not sure on the differences or which one is better, but now I'm curious

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    I actually know people use both. HCL is slightly stronger because it contains a little more ephedrine.
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    Sulfate has a shorter half life and also less mg of ephedrine per tablet (caplet, whatever you want to call it.)

    Personally I get squadoosh out of sulfate, I'm not sure why. I prefer primatene tablets. Pop a couple and a caffeine tablet good to go. Bronkaid just doesn't hit me for some reason. At least not like it should.

    HCL will also ramp up your metabolism for a good 6 hours per dose, bronkaid feels like half that.
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