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Thread: Lyle McDonalds UD 2.0

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    Default Lyle McDonalds UD 2.0

    Couple questions;
    Have any of you done Lyles UD 2.0 and followed it to a "T"? What did you think?

    For all of you guru's of lean-ness, what do you think about following Lyles diet exactly Monday -Saturday and then fasting on Sunday (complete fast or possibly one ultra hight protein meal late in the day)?

    Obviously the goal here is getting hyper lean. I'm currently the fattest I've been in a very long time (about 14%) and can't stand it. Want to get back down under 10% without sacrificing more than a few lbs of muscle.

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    I did it for a few weeks and it was pretty amazing. I would prob not deviate from it -- eating on Sunday is a good thing (it's at maintenance cals) as you get "re-set" to hit the depletion phase.

    I don't have much experience with dieting as I mostly wanna be big/strong, but I can say that if I wanted to shed some pounds fairly quickly I wouldn't hesitate to run UD2.0 with utmost confidence.

    That said, the diet was intended for "natural" trainers. So maybe you could push it a lil more assuming gear use.
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    I have just recently finished my second week of UD 2.0 and its working extremely well. I have been military style strict this past two weeks. the only thing i do different is on sunday i eat @ maintenance, but keto-style. 0 carbs. I was planning on going 6 weeks, but the way im looking now, ill prolly just go 2 more. I also don't eat ANY junk on the carb up day.....strictly whole wheat bagels and kidney beans, and tuna/yellowtail sushi rolls. not as fun, but week to week im changing. only cruising on 250mg e5d. throw some tren/var in there and in a month you'll be at 10%. oh yea im not doing any cardio (been too sore from depeltion workouts)

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    Fasting would be counter-productive. You could do an RFL-style day (1.5-2g of protein/LBM) on Sunday if you want though. That would
    definitely accelerate fat loss.

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    as J. adams said, you need those days to get leptin/metabolism up again. I eat maintance/keto style sunday and are having great results. RFL on sunday would definitely speed up fat loss, but i know im pretty trashed sunday, i think if your hitting it hard, you need more cals or you MIGHT have a hard time recovering.

    You could do RFL and add 10-20g of fish oil or flax. that would still put you at around a 15%-20% defict sunday.

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    I do this anytime I want to lean out, with great success.I follow workouts and diet to a T. I eat moderately on Saturday, but at night I go out to have dinner and drinks with friends. Sunday I eat clean with pancakes, after that I go back to No carbs.

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