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Thread: Atrial fibrillation

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    I haven't been on here in awhile and obviously this post catches my attention. Don't forget I went into full cardiac arrest on 4/18/08 from a ER IV dose of Labetalol and Cardizem to treat my AFIB. After being intubated for 2 days and my family being told I either wouldn't make it or if I did I would be a vegetable for the rest of my life I've made an awfully nice comeback. My EF went from 10% after the cardiac arrest to 48% as of my last Echo in Jan this year. Now that I am in NSR My LV has SHRUNK in size back to normal after being severely enlarged. My coronaries were perfect when they did the heart cath while in ICU for 15 days. I have been in NSR for about 1 1/2 yrs now on Sotalol was on Amio for awhile and converted to Sotalol. Docs have no explanation how I lived more or less how I have made a full comeback. Take your AFIB very seriously bro.


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    Are you still using AAS? I have read that AAS use induced cardiomyopathy can resolve after cessation and treatment. It isnt wise to block the both beta function and calcium channels when treating RVR...most of the time you will get away with it. In your case, not. Even though they made a mistake and caused the arrest, at least they were able to save your life. The fact that you have made a full comeback is awesome.

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    Thanks bro,,yeah I was dead as a doornail, no pulse, no blood pressure and deep blue in color. Heart Failure, Kidney failure and liver failure, no brain activity, and yes after being off everything for about 9 months I got back on a light HRT 200 Test E pw for about 6 months then bumped up to current HRT of 500 Test E and 200 Deca. I'm single, no children, and now 49 so I'll take the risk. All those reports I gave you on LV size and EF were not effected by me getting back on. My Cardiomyopathy was most likely secondary to my severe and rapid AFIB is my geuss. The lower chamber tried to keep up with my upper and simply had to work too hard so it enlarged. Since I just had an Echo and the LV has still shrunk to normal AND I have been back on for a 1 1/2 years I've gotta think it wasnt AAS induced. However how I got into the persistent AFIB I dont know, I never knew I had it. Cardioligist says it could have been a heart virus, or just genetic afib. I will say this Tren and EQ which I will never take again both caused brutal anxiety on me. It is possible that during a long run with them in 07 that it put me in persitant AFIB. Just my thoughts, there is a correlation with anxiety and AFIB. Who knows and yeah the ER did overdose me but and after much thought I have let it go. They did waive the 150K in ICU bills, awfully nice of them. LOL Only concern I have now is lately my BP has creeped up again. Not sure why could be severe stress with work right now. I may need to up my Lisinopril.
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    I've been bulking since 1957. It's going well so no point stopping now.

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    There is some literature on Afib induced dilated cardiomyopathy that completly resolves after return to NSR. Your BP is likely creeping back up due to your AAS use...whats your Hct and E2 like? I wouldnt go back to that ER if you have future issues...

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    I wanted to bump this thread back up since we have a few vets back and some newbies, who might be able to add to it.

    It's summer and everybody is on tren

    except me

    Also, Twirbick, any updates on the situation?
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