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Thread: Anadrol vs. Dbol

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    using cabergoline alongside progestins is hardly considered a debatable good practice...its accepted throughout the entire bbing community because its been tried and proven through real experience.
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    Ok, you guys are saying it is effective but I really would rather have something to sink my teeth into.

    You are saying that the gyno symptoms from 19-nor compounds are from prolactin, when it happens to be a progestin/progesterone?
    That is like saying this apple smells like an orange.

    I asked Swale directly if any of the blood work from 19-nor steroids resulted in elivated prolactin, he said no that he has not seen it.

    I am really confused here as I have known for about 6 years that the fix for deca and tren related sides was dostinex, cabergoline, bromo, etc.
    But, I do think that much information is like rumor's, it gets passed along so much that over time it seems to be truth.
    I cant think of a better example myself of this other than what was said, and repeated above.

    Can someone please explain to me how blocking prolactin helps with progestin/progesterone related sides?
    I know it is past practice, but I would suggest an AI over cabaser, or any other DHT dirivitive drug like proviron, masteron, winstrol......
    Just asking................

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    well, swale mainly deals with people using test only and while his efforts to make TRT available as well as to inform are good, he has a somewhat limited understanding of this topic (not trying to be a dick or condescending but interactions and discussions with him have led to that conclusion)

    swale is somewhat correct that plasma prolactin levels are not always elevated with progestin use. there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not progestin will elevate plasma/pituitary prolactin. However, thats not particularly relevant. Just like its not particularly relevant whether or not plasma estrogen levels are elevated. Because if local levels and production are elevated (in glandular/ductal as well as surrounding tissue) thats all it takes to cause issues.

    prolactin is needed for ductal growth, so even if the progestin is pushing hard if it does not have prolactin its efforts are severely hampered. Now progestins have dual roles, progesterone itself typically mediates estrogenic action, progestins can either amplify estrogenic action or fail to mediate estrogenic action in addition to their own agonistic activities (this will vary between individuals and compound due to individual receptor densities and isoforms).

    ... there is more to this but have to run... will finish up later.

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