What to Expect: Benefits

Make no mistake, Bromocriptine is not an instant gratification drug and you should not expect any differently. Bluntly put: it is no a magic bullet diet drug. So don’t think that taking it is going to be even closely akin to something like Clenbuterol or even low dose testosterone both of which can cuse impressive changes in body recomosition fairly quickly. The only possible exception is in post-menopausal women (or various animal models) where a single Bromocriptine dose each day causes significant fat loss without anything else being done.

As with most drugs, Bromocriptine should be looked upon as a support to your training and nutrition needs, not a replacement or substitute. Bromocripitne should improve both the ratio of fat:muscle loss while dieting, as well as preventing the other diet breaker adaptations that tend to occur, such as hunger and food obsession.

Although there is no human research, I expect that lean individuals using Bromocriptine will be able to diet without the major negative effects occurring: metabolic slowdown, muscle loss, hormone crashing, etc. For a contest bodybuilder or lean athlete, Bromocriptine should be a nice gray-market way to keep the system humming along while dieting or trying to stay lean.

On that note, Bromocriptine is not scheduled drug (unlike anabolic steoids) nor does it appear on the list of banned substances by the International Olympic Committee, which is generally used by most sporting organizations as Gold Standard for doping. I don’t expect that Bromocriptine, or other DA agonists, would be tested for but folks involved in competitive sports shoul make sure and check the specifics of their organisation before using it or any other drug.

On that note, I also expect that Bromocriptine will allow athletes who are not genetically lean (i.e. most of us) to stay lean while making gains in strength and size. Normally, whenever a natural athlete wants to gain muscle or strenght, some fat gain has to be accepted. This is a consequence of the system being so screwed up by low leptin levels. By ‘tricking’ the brian into thinking that the system is normal, I expect otherwise natural athletes to be able to stay lean and make better gains overall.

I should mention again that Bromocriptine appears to have significant benefits for Type II diabetics, or individuals suffering from insulin resistance, by fixing some of the centrals defects that appear to be part of the problem. Even in the absence of weight/fat loss, Bromocriptine at low doses corrects many of these problems, making it potentially extremely beneficial for this group. In fact, the company Ergo Science (http://www.ergo.com) petitioned the FDA to allow Bromocriptine, under the trade name of Ergoset ™, to be marketed for this purpose. Although they were turned down (I’ll discuss the FDA ruling in the apendix), Bromocriptine or other DA agonists represent a potentially novel way of dealing with the increasing problems of Type II diabetes/insulin resistance.

Another potential use/effect of Bromocriptine is in bodybuilding coming off a steroid cycle. One of the most commonly known effect of steroid (and other drug) usage is dysfunction of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis (HPA) and Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal axis (HPG, called the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular axis or HPTA in men). Following a cycle, testosterone production is typically reduced, due to a decrease in both leutinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). There are also increases in catabolic hormones such as cortisol. Both tend to cause major muscle loss and fat regain after the cycle, which is the exact opposite of what bodybuilders want to happen.

As you might guess, elevated prolactin levels can also occur post-cycle which causes more problems such as impaired immune funciton. Research has shown that hyperprolactinemia in is associated with severe hormonal dysfunction especially in the HPG/HTP axis and can cause infertility under extreme situations (62,63). While the effects appear most pronounced in women, it wouldn’t be surprising if the problem occured in men as well.

Since brain DA appears to set the normal ‘tone’ of both HPA and HPG axis in addition to controlling normal prolactin release, it wouldn’t be surprising if a DA agonist such as Bromocriptine could help to normalize the system after a cycle. Using Bromocriptine during or near the end of a steroid cycle, most likely in conjunction with other drugs such as Clomid (which kickstart gonadal testosterone production) and others, should help steroid users to get the system up and running again.

Trying all ot this, you may be wondering exaclty what you’re supposed to ‘feel’ while using Bromocriptine. Frankly, with the exceptiong of a few minor side-effects, the result will be suble and fairly subjective. Mainly, because of its effects, I’d expect that may of the severe hunger effects, and general food craving should better controlled during dieting which is always (....)