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Thread: Anafit Ezine Vol 2 Kara Bohigian-Smith

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    Default Anafit Ezine Vol 2 Kara Bohigian-Smith

    Chuck Z interviews Kara Bohigian and Craig Smith at the 2007 Arnold Classic.

    Note:I'll be adding in the email addresses for the board members next time so make sure your email address here is correct.

    A conversation with World Record Holder Kara Bohigian

    At the Arnold Classic on March 3, 2007 I had a chance to
    sit down and speak with World Champion power lifter,
    Kara Bohigian who was accompanied by her new
    husband, Pro Highland Game Athlete, Craig Smith. You
    couldnít find two nicer people in the sport, or anywhere
    else for that matter. They were both gracious with their
    time and I very much enjoyed speaking with them. We
    spoke about a number of topics and you can tell from the
    interview how down to Earth they are. It was an absolute
    pleasure for me. I thanked her at first for granting us the
    interview and she told me that she was glad we asked and
    that she wanted to do it. In the beginning of the interview
    we started to chat about training gear and how she was
    getting aggravated with the equipment. I talk so much
    that I forgot to turn the voice recorder on. We catch this
    conversation a couple of minutes in:

    Chuck: Coming from a weightlifting background itís got
    to be frustrating because even in the squat, nobody seems
    to be hitting depth.
    Kara: Yes. Itís not as if we are intentionally cutting it
    high. Itís not like a raw squat, when you are going down
    it feels as if your head is going to explode because the
    equipment is getting so tight.
    Chuck: Like I said, I came from bodybuilding. The first
    time I used the equipment I thought I was going to choke
    myself to death.
    Kara: Oh yes. I canít even wear a squat suit. I wear just
    the briefs and that is already killing me. Normally in a
    regular raw squat, coming up is the hard part. You donít
    even think about coming down.
    Chuck: But with this, itís just trying to get depth?
    Kara: Yes!
    Chuck: Craig, you did power lifting too didnít you?
    Craig: I played a little bit.
    Chuck: You played with the suits and stuff like that?
    Craig: A little little bit.
    (Kara Laughs)
    Craig: Nah! Itís not for me. I would much rather see it
    all without that stuff.
    Chuck: A friend of ours on, Monster
    loves the Highland games. He wants to do it, but he has
    to get in condition first.
    Craig: Itís a whole day.
    Chuck: Did you ever do the Highland games Kara?
    Kara: No. I donít think I can. He is trying to get me too.
    Craig: We might get her to do something.
    Chuck: That would be great.
    Kara: I donít know, Iím kind of clumsy. Iíd be picking
    up the caber and dropping it all overÖ. Throwing the
    weight in the audienceÖ(laughter from everybody)
    Chuck: How did you start up? What was your evolution
    in lifting? Where you a Tom Boy?
    Kara: (Laughing) No, not at all. I was a gymnast when I
    was little and I did some track. My father was a track and
    field athlete, so I used to run in the little kiddie meets and
    do gymnastics and dance, stuff like that. I was always
    pretty muscular from gymnastics and I liked training, but
    injuries started piling up. When I was in High School I
    did Cheerleading.
    Chuck: You did gymnastics all through elementary and
    High School?
    Kara: Yes. So in High School I started doing
    cheerleading instead and then I was doing track in the
    other seasons and doing shot-put. We started benchpressing
    of course for shot put and I was like, (really cute
    voice) ďooooh I like this.Ē This was as far back as about
    fifteen. I loved it. It was always my favorite thing to do.
    Thatís how I started lifting. I used to sneak after school
    to the YMCA.
    Chuck: You used to sneak?
    Kara: (Laughter) Yes! I was supposed to be home. I
    would sneak to the yucky YMCA so I could bench press.
    Chuck: (laughing) Most kids would sneak out to drink
    and do whatever and youíre sneaking out to workout?
    Kara: Yes. To bench press.
    Chuck: That is very cool. So what started you in power
    lifting? Itís not traditional; most girls donít normally do
    Kara: (laughing) No! I kept lifting all through High
    School and also through College. I went to Georgia Tech.
    Chuck: An engineering degree correct?
    Kara: Yes. So there was this little gym down there and I
    was pretty much lifting by myself doing routines in
    bodybuilding magazines. I always liked lifting heavy
    rather than dieting or trying to look a certain way. I liked
    working out with the guys. It was around 1996 and they
    closed our gym and everything on campus for the
    Olympics. They gave us this membership to a corny
    gym. It was closed on Labor Day of 1996 and so I went
    up to Coffeeís Gym. I head about Coffeeís gym in
    Marietta, a super hardcore gym and I heard that they
    were open everyday, even Christmas. I went in and I was
    on the bench press of course and in the middle of my set,
    John Coffee, the owner walked up and said, (in really
    cute imitation of John Coffee) ďCan you press that much
    over your head? Try some power cleans!Ē He taught me
    to power clean and how to Olympic lift. I competed in
    the Nationals the next year.
    Chuck: I am so amazed by Olympic lifting.
    Kara: Itís amazing!
    Chuck: I mean the technique and the speedÖthere is a
    question for you. You said that you train a hybrid sort of
    way. I know you do cleans and overhead presses.
    Somebody posted your over head presses on and I was like, ďOh my God, I canít do
    that!Ē (Kara giggles)
    Kara: (Giggling) Oh you could if you practiced it. (Kara
    was being overly nice)
    Chuck: How do you feel that your overhead pressing
    correlates to your bench press?
    Kara: It is directly related.
    Chuck: Anterior deltoid strength?
    Kara: Yes. It even applies to your raw bench. It
    definitely helps shirted bench because of your
    tricep/lockout on the shirted bench, but even my raw
    bench, I can just do overhead press and pretty much be
    Kara: Yeah, Yeah!
    Chuck: Is that your Zen? The place where you want to
    Kara: Oh yeah. You know what is so funny? I quoted
    him saying that and so many people have quoted my
    quote of him. So many people feel the same way. I donít
    know if you know Tim Harold, he is a Westside lifter? I
    saw him say something about that quote because that is
    just how so many lifters feel. The gym is where they feel
    comfortable and just like Billy said, they love it as much
    as the first day there and they canít really say that about a
    whole lot else in their life.
    Chuck: There are so many things in life that you have to
    do: You have to pay your taxes, you have to take care of
    your family, you owe people time or whatever, but that is
    just something that is selfish and yours and nobody can
    take credit for it. I always said it was almost like a
    church. I feel comfortable there.
    Kara: A lot of people feel that way. Oh yeah!
    Chuck: I saw that in a span of 18 months you competed
    in 5 different weight classes?
    Kara: (Giggles) Yes!
    Chuck: How do you do that? How do you go up in
    weight and down in weight? What do you normally do?
    Kara: Oh my goodness! Iím kind of like a sponge.
    (Giggles) Depending on what I eat, itís obviously not all
    muscle or fat, itís mostly water. I did that in Olympic
    lifting. My natural body weight is always around 154lbs
    if Iím not dieting too strict. When I first began Olympic
    lifting I was in the 70kg weight class. I thought to
    myself, let me get a little heavier and see how that goes. I
    got up to 165lbs and my lifts were going good and then I
    got up for a while to 183lbs, 83kg and stayed there for a
    while and got real strong. Then I thought, all right, Iím
    fat. (Laughs) I decided to go down in weight and see how
    well I could maintain my strength each weight class. I
    went down 165lb and hit about the same lifts, went down
    the next class, at the time I think it was 151.8lbs, the
    69kg class or something like that. I hit about the same
    lifts. I went to the 63kg class and had a little bit of a drop
    off, but not much to where it was still just as good. I went
    to the 58kg class, which is 127lbs, 128lbs. (Giggles) That
    was my point of diminishing returns. (Giggles harder) I
    thought, I look good, but I canít lift.
    Chuck: That sounds like somebody with a curiosity toÖ
    Kara: To manipulate my body weight. I feel like when
    you have been lifting as long as I have itís hard to get
    stronger. I feel like I never really get a whole lot stronger
    so I like to, whenever I hit a plateau, gain some weight
    and then try to lose it and see what I can maintain. Just
    play around a little bit?
    Chuck: Is that the same natural curiosity that would lead
    somebody from gymnastics to weightlifting to power
    Kara: Yeah! Just kind of try everything.
    Chuck: I feel the same way.
    Chuck: You talked about the Glucorell and Sesapure,
    how does that effect your training? How does it affect
    your pre training when you are trying to make weight
    and stuff like that?
    Kara: Oh! It can really be hard. I have really learned
    how to make weight over the years because back in the
    Olympic lifting days I used to diet most of it off. It would
    affect my performance. I would do a little bit of sauna,
    but most of it was dieting.
    Chuck: When you called me you said you were in the
    sauna. (Laughs)
    Kara: (Giggling) Yes! My Olympic lifting coach, John
    Coffee was so funny, he always says, (imitating John
    Coffee in Southern Drawl again) ďYou donít wannaí lose
    any tissha.Ē (The room cracks up) Not meaning muscle
    or fat, Tissha! Spelled with an Ďa.í He always said, just
    do, water offÖwater back on. So however long you have
    for a weigh in, if you have 24 hours before a weigh in
    spend 24 hours, cut your water and then put it back on.
    So I recently cut some ridiculous amount, 19lbs in a
    couple of days and put it back on in a couple of days.
    Chuck: Wow!
    Kara: Itís all water.
    Chuck: Do most power lifters do that? The sauna bit?
    Kara: I donít know. I am able to lose a lot of
    subcutaneous water, so I donít know how many other
    lifters have the same thing or they enjoy the sauna
    process as much as I do. I can get into the sauna and suck
    out a lot of weight. I donít know if itís because I am
    female or because I eat WAY too many carbohydrates or
    both. A lot of lifters do manipulate their diet a good bit
    longer than I do. I will eat like crap and then the last few
    days just water and salmon and the pounds just fall off.
    Chuck: The joys of power lifting.
    Kara: Itís lovely! (Giggles)
    Chuck: How did the Glucorell and Sesapure help out?
    Kara: They are mandatory!
    Chuck: Do you manipulate that as well?
    Kara: Yes! I really noticed it at one competition. I told
    Larry (Owner of Anafit) that I took the Glucorell right
    after the weigh in with Pedialyte and Gatorade and I just
    could not believe how much weight I put back on. It just
    went to all the right places. It wasnít like a lot of times I
    made weight, came back and my stomach was real full. It
    came back in my delts, my traps and my triceps. I think
    after one of the times I made weight (points at Craig) he
    saw that my traps, delts, everything was bigger than two
    days ago. So that stuff is incredible! It mimics insulin, so
    it really shuttled everything into my muscles.
    Chuck: And it gets rid of the sugar so quick that it really
    doesnít have time to end up in the fat or anywhere else.
    Kara: And of course the Sesapure is amazing. (We both
    laugh) I canít wait; I am going to start taking that
    Chuck: Do you use Thermorexin?
    Kara: Oh yeah!
    Chuck: That stuff is stronger than ephedrine to me.
    Kara: It is so strong! I donít think people realize. That is
    what I use when I am in lighter classes. You know, in the
    low 140ís, high 130ís? That is my secret right there!
    Chuck: My wife recently wanted to drop weight. She
    used the Sesapure, Thermorexin and GlucorellR
    combination. She didnít change her activity level, she
    didnít change her diet and within a couple of weeks she
    dropped fifteen lbs and really felt good doing it. Do you
    use them Craig?
    Craig: No! I havenít tried them yet.
    Kara: You have to try my stuff. The Thermorexin is
    Chuck: Did you like the old ephedrine?
    Craig: Oh yeah!
    Chuck: Seriously, the Trex is great. For me it last like ten
    hours. Just one does it for me; I like it way better than
    Kara: You know I know some people that will take two,
    three a couple times a day, I take one. I love it.
    Chuck: Thank you. Larry just had me try some of the
    Red Blast. I thought it was fantastic. What did you think?
    Kara: I hit PRís the first day I took it. I told Craig
    because I was so shocked. I just told you my best bench
    in training was only 405lbs. I just really didnít want to go
    bench. This was last Wednesday. I thought Gosh, I just
    donít feel good, I donít want to bench today, I am going
    to have a horrible bench. I was not going to even go to
    400lbs; I will probably only do 350lbs or something.
    Chuck: A girl saying, ďI will probably only go to 350lbs,
    not 400lbs.Ē (I start laughing in amazement)
    Kara: (laughing) Itís all a sham! I canít bench 400lbs,
    my shirt canít bench 400lbs, but togetherÖwe can bench
    400lbs. Weíre a hell of a team! So I took a bunch of
    those (Red Blast), I think I took about five and I went in
    and hit 425lbs. I thought, where did this come from?
    There is no reason my bench should have been that good
    that day. I told Larry immediately, ďBig PR.Ē
    Chuck: Thatís great! I feel more alert and far better
    pumps than I am used to. You should try it Craig!
    Craig: That I have. We dead lifted on that. I really liked
    Kara: Oh yeah, we dead lifted that day. Good Stuff!
    Chuck: How did you and Larry meet?
    Kara: This is actually true. I liked Anafit products so
    much I was buying them long before I met Larry or was
    sponsored. I had read all the rave reviews about the
    products on various fitness boards. I think I started off
    withÖIt might have been the R-ALA (Glucorell) before
    they renamed it. I thought it looked really cool. I was just
    buying that and buying some other stuff (Thermorexin I
    believe) and told Larry that I really liked the products. I
    think it was Mike Miller that put me in contact with
    Larry. I was a big believer in the products before Anafit
    ever sponsored me. They have come out with more and
    more since (R-ALA), particularly the Sesapure. Itís my
    Chuck: You know, I have to talk to Scott about that
    because I still donít understand how it actually works. I
    think it inhibits some enzymes that store fat. I have
    looked at lot of studies on and everybody is
    looking at it in the medical field.
    Kara: Itís amazing. I actually had to stop taking it
    because I was trying to gain some weight. It is usually
    hard for me to make 148lbs. I remember it was one year,
    2005 and it was around Halloween. I was eating all sorts
    of Halloween candy and I didnít even have to cut weight
    and I am usually pushing 160lbs around that time of year.
    I canít wait to start taking it again. (Laughter). You can
    eat whatever you want and you donít gain weight.
    Chuck: I heard you just got married to Craig! Do you
    guys plan on having any children? Like really really
    really strong children? (We all laugh)
    Kara: He already has two. Weíre going to start teaching
    them to Olympic lift soon.
    Chuck: How old are they Craig?
    Craig: Four and Six.
    Chuck: Congratulations man! Girls? Boys?
    Craig: My boy is six, my girl is four.
    Chuck: Can I show you a picture of my son Ben? (Kara
    starts to laugh) Iím like the proudest Dad in the world.
    Kara: Aww!
    Chuck: My wife actually sent me a video of him. (I am
    showing the picture to Craig and Kara)
    Kara: Awwww! How old is he?
    Chuck: Fourteen months.
    Craig: Thatís cool!
    Chuck: It is cool. He is at the age now where he is doing
    the monkey walk with his arms in the air.
    Kara: No way! Aww! He is too cute!
    Chuck: Do you guys plan on having any?
    Kara: I donít think so. His are just perfect! (Laughter)
    Chuck: I just wanted to mention that I did go to your
    website Craig. Itís very cool! You did a great job on that.
    Craig: Thanks!
    Chuck: Do you have a website Kara?
    Kara: No! (Laughter) Just a bunch of videos floating
    around. Iíll have some more videos up on Craigís site
    soon. Some more Olympic lifting and strong man stuff.
    Chuck: I want to see you compete in strong person.
    Kara: I got third at strongwomen nationals last summer
    and I am going to do it again this summer. I really
    enjoyed that. It was very fun.
    Chuck: Did you do it with Heather Lee Bossowski?
    Kara: No, but I would love to train with her sometime. I
    did get to compete with Elena Seiple. She was awesome!
    She was fantastic! I trained with the crew from Coffeeís
    Gym: Brett Tucek, Mark Bevins and then Dan Garreau
    and Scott Helms sometimes too.
    Chuck: I would like to see you do the Highland Games
    Kara: Me do it?
    Chuck: Yes, you do it!
    Kara: Weíll see. (Giggles)
    Craig: Weíll see if we canít get her to do it.
    Chuck: My son is Russian, Finnish and Polish, so if he is
    a strong man, I will have you train him Craig. (Laughter)
    Craig: We can do that!
    Kara: Sounds like he has good genetics!
    Chuck: Thank you. Is there anything that you want to
    add? Is there anything that you want to talk about?
    Kara: No, not really! Iím just glad you let me do this. I
    really really really love Anafit products. Like I said, I
    was a customer before I was sponsored and I still would
    be if I wasnít sponsored.
    Chuck: Thank you so much!
    Kara: I was telling a girl in the cab ride over how cool
    the products are.
    Chuck: Really? You know whatís so funny? You can talk
    about products all day. You can tell people about certain
    products out and a lot of it is crap! The majority of stuff
    out is crap, ninety percent or so.
    Kara: You are right, it is!
    Chuck: You hear all these amazing testimonials about
    how that product works and this product works and it just
    doesnít. Itís the same old redundant stuff. The thing
    about Anafit is itís not the same old stuff.
    Kara: No itís not!
    Chuck: It works and itís effective.
    Kara: You know I read a lot on fitness forums and the
    people there have been around forever. They go ahead
    and say the stuff that works and doesnít work. All these
    girls on the womenís forums were going nuts over all
    this stuff. I thought, I have to try this. Itís not like it was
    on an Anafit forum. This was years ago.
    Chuck: I go on the womenís forum and help out once in
    a while.
    Kara: Itís cool you guys go on there and help out with
    products and stuff.
    Chuck: Just a couple more things and I will let you guys
    Kara: No problem!
    Chuck: You use Inzer gear right? What shirts and what
    equipment do you use?
    Kara: I have used every bench shirt they make, every
    single one and Like the RageX the best. Thatís my
    Chuck: The single or the double?
    Kara: The double. I have worn singles too and the single
    is outstanding, but the double doesnít stretch out as
    quickly. I have the same shirt that I have been wearing
    for over a year now. I just feel like I donít have to
    replace it. I do a lot of meets where I wear a single ply,
    but a meet like this I use the same old double that I wear
    meet after meet. But I like their denims, Ultimate denims
    and their old EHPHD (Extra High Performance HD
    Bench Shirt) too. They have a huge product line and
    some really cool new stuff in the pipeline.
    Chuck: They have a denim shirt too?
    Kara: Their denims are great. They have this super
    denim itís crazy red denim. Itís a little bit too aggressive
    for me. I know some of the bigger guys are really
    enjoying that shirt.
    Chuck: Inzer has great products. I really like their stuff.
    Kara: Me too! I like that they have such a massive
    selectionÖeverything from modest single ply stretchy
    pieces, to advanced aggressive equipment. They offer
    something got every level and style of lifting.
    Chuck: That leviathan suit is deadly.
    Kara: I canít. That is where I draw the line. That suit is
    Chuck: I have a training partner who bought one a little
    too small for him. He is like I am 330lbs and I can fit in a
    180lbs suit. He canít get it cinched. You see him hanging
    from the bar. A 350lbs man hanging.
    Kara: That is what you have to do. It will stand up by
    itself. That suits crazy!
    Chuck: Yeah! They have it standing up in the power
    lifting area.
    Kara: Itís ruthless! I wonít wear it itís too much.
    Chuck: If there were nothing else you would like to add?
    Would you like to add anything Craig?
    Craig: Nope! This is all her. (Kara Giggles) I am just in
    the shadows!
    Kara: Oh shut up! (Laughing) He is such an idiot! Heís
    a fricken professional athlete!!
    Chuck: You guys seem really cool together.
    Kara: Thanks!
    Chuck: Thank you so much for the interview. I really
    appreciate you both spending the time with us. It was an
    honor to meet both of you.
    Kara: Iím just glad I got to do this.
    Chuck: I wish you both the best of luck. Thank you
    We all talked for a couple of minutes in the lobby. Kara
    and I talked about the movie Monster Inc. and how we
    both started to cry at the end. Craig said she started
    crying before the sad part even came. I admitted I did
    Seriously, Kara and Craig are wonderful people. I was a
    fan of Kara before, but I just went to the head of her fan
    club because she is so sweet and funny, you have to love
    her. Craig is a very cool guy and I could have talked
    music, training and much more for hours with both of
    Chuck Zurawski

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    well shit, both of ya. yr a hella strong well rounded athlete from some of the youtube stuff ive seen and kara.. well shes in my opinion one of if not THE most gifted female strength athletes out there. her overhead press weights make me wana cry, and absolutely adoreable. yr a lucky guy!

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    Couldn't agree with you more bro.

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